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Sherpa Pen - Cigar (Special Edition)

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Sherpa Pen Company

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Special Limited Edition!

We are proud to introduce the new Sherpa Cigar Special Edition Set. The perfect gift for the Holiday Season.

The Sherpa Cigar is an exquisitely designed pen shell that echoes the smooth yet textured finish of the finest cigars. It is accentuated with a distinct cigar-like band embellished with the Sherpa name and beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

The Sherpa pen shell is notorious for its unique flexibility with a vast range of refills to fit your needs.

This Sherpa Cigar Special Edition Set is packaged neatly in a vintage designed Sherpa cigar box and includes three special refills in addition to the Sherpa Cigar pen shell; a fountain pen, a roller ball and a Sharpie refill.

Each Sherpa is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time.

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