We wish to thank everyone who supported the idea of this project, all those who gave their time and especially the following people:

Our family and friends: Mr Christian Chelman (Curator of Surnateum, leader of “fantastic illusionism”, sleight-of-hand artist and master of imaginative and fanciful conjuring -Belgium), Mr Daniel Betan (Executive Producer, Artistic Director -Ressource Productions-France), Mr Mathieu Piette (talented webmaster and webdesigner of GlobalinPack-Belgium).

Some images of strange machines from our private collection were vectorized and colored by the webmaster Mathieu Piette. They are visible in the decor of Magicorum with permission of Dan Baines, creator of fantastic illusions and bizarre – Director of “Lebanon Circle Magic” (UK) and Rick director of “Outlaw Effects – Changing the landscape of mentalism “(USA).

Our inspirations and tribute…

Our inspirations have many origins and are varied, it is difficult to mention them all. Here are some names of key authors in the field of illusionism, artistic creation, or editions and literature which we have specifically inspire us. Some are still alive, others have already passed away. With these names, you will be able to improve your knowledge on this subject:

Writters, filmmakers: Jean Ray (B), Jules Verne (F), Tim Burton (USA), George Lucas (USA), Ian Fleming (UK), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (UK), Agatha Christie (UK), Jean Cocteau (F), Joanne Kathleen Rowling (J.K. Rowling – UK), Georges Méliès (F)…etc.

Illusionnists: Jean Merlin (F), Shawn Farquhar (Ca), Christian Chelman (B), Jeff McBride (USA), Topas (D), Eugene Burger (USA), Paul Harris (USA), Gaetan Bloom (F), Bob Kholer (USA), Norm Nielsen (USA), Dai Vernon (USA), Michael Ammar (USA), Juan Tamariz (E), Tommy Wonder (NL), Max Maven (USA), Lennart Green (Sw), Yigal Mesika (Ir), Finn Jon (USA), Steave Fearson (USA), Borodin (Ulf Bolling-D), Punx (Ludwig Hanemann -D), Bill Palmer (USA), Benjamin Earl (UK), Helder Guimarães (Pt), Andrew Mayne (USA), Dani Daortiz (Pt), Daniel Rhod (F), Losander (USA), Pierre Brahma (F), Ali Bongo (UK), Paul Daniels (UK), Marc Antoine (F), Rocco Silano (USA), T.A. Waters (USA), Wayne Houchin (USA), Joshua Jay (USA), John Bannon (USA), Boris Wild (F), Richard Turner (USA), Fantasio (Es), Lance Burton (USA), Yogano (F), John Kennedy (USA), Dean Dill (USA), David Berglas (UK), Yumi (Ko), Tom Mullica (USA), Pavel (CH), Roberto Giobbi (CH), Aaron Fisher (USA), Al Baker (USA), Harlan Tarbell (USA), Christian Fechner (F), Cardini (Richard Valentine Pitchford – UK), S.W. Erdnase (USA), Robert Houdin (F), Eberhard Riese (D), Daniel Garcia (USA), Mark Mason (USA), Wayne Dobson (USA), Marvin Roy (Mr Electric – USA)…etc.

Creators, designers, or illustrators: James Hodges (F), Benoit Drager (B), Dan Baines (UK), Tim Wisseman (USA), Masuda (JP), Mikame (JP),…etc.

Edithors: Christian Schenk (Card-Shark – D), Frantz Réjasse (C.C. Editions – F), Ludovic Mignon (Marchand de trucs – F), Magic Dream (F), Louis Falanga (L&L Publishing – USA), Richard Kaufman (Kaufman and Company – revue Genii-USA), Stan Allen (Magic Magazine-USA), Didier Puech (revue Magicus – F), Daniel Rhod (Imagik – F), François Montmirel (Fantaisium-F), Mary Tomich (Altar Flame -USA), Freddie Valentine (Mystic Menagerie, The Journal of Bizarre Magic – UK), Vanish International Magic Magazine (Paul Romhany – Ca), Ludovic Mignon (“Marchand de trucs”-Fr), …etc.

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