magicorum Dear visitors ! Welcome on Magicorum Magic Shop, the den of magical objects and illusions. The den of strange opens it’s doors.

Make good use of the magical knowledge and discovers nice items.

Ladies and gentlemen, enter in the imaginary of the little magic shop on line, pass thru the other side of the mirror where all sorts of oddities awaiting you!

Magicorum is a web shop stylized in strange vintage and steampunk design. The atmosphere is definitely anachronistic and bizarre. Magicorum is specialized in the importation of magic products reserved for magicians who are amateurs or professionals. Everything is carefully selected with passion and experience in quality and fine products.

We works with good suppliers from European Union and also from other countries. We reject all copies of products renowned by respect for the designers, producers and talented artists who have imagined the magical illusions during many years of works and researches. This is the pillar of our intellectual and commercial ethic and engagement. This is a special combinaison to offer you always the best. As always said by the professionnal magicians who invent clever magic tricks and magic shows never buy copies, but only original”!  

Do Not Copy the Magic! 

New Magic

THE FINGER BIRD – Chazpro Magic

Out of production for many years and back again!! This cute bird will baffle your spectators as you make it sit on your finger or a pen or pencil.


Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Bag & Balls by JM Craft

Re-release of the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder.


Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Nest of Boxes by JM Craft

Reissue of the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder.


WILD SHOCK 2022 by Tenyo Magic

This trick is sure to rattle your audiences!



Take a snapshot of the future! See through solid objects!


PHONE APPETIT 2022 by Tenyo Magic

While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly "eats" a smartphone in plain view!


THE CASH 2022 by Tenyo Magic

The cash envelope of your dreams!


FLASH CUBE 2022 by Tenyo Magic

A six-sided illusion Instantly complete the puzzle!


Michael Ammar Linking Rings / 8 Ring Set by Michael Ammar & TCC

Working with Michael Ammar, we are proud to announce our New Project, the Deluxe Linking Rings.


Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Squeeze by JM Craft

Re-release of the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder.


Our products are offered through our webshop and delivered via UPS transportation company by post. We also have a new magic studio! You are welcome to vistit us but only by appointment. You can contact us at any time via the “contact” section. So it’s up to you now because time is to let you search, find the unique items, raise the old traps, dip in grimoires and spend a good time in the dream and strange world of magic. Enjoy your visit! For Magicorum, Benoit, your guide. Join us on Facebook !

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