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    You will find in this set two extra spools of invisible thread for your Spider Hand developed by Jean Xueref.
    Available soon – Book yours now!

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  • Spider Hand by Jean Xueref


    Coming soon – book yours today!
    This is the ultimate device for close-up work with invisible thread.
    When the electronics help the magic with reliability and professionalism, it makes Spider Hand!
    After years of engineering, testing, research and development, Jean Xueref made what can be considered today as the best gimmick that makes the invisible thread an exceptional invention for all magicians.

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  • Vectra MAXX – Heavy Duty Stage Thread by Steve Fearson


    If Vectra threads were Superheros, MAXX would be The Hulk. It’s a jet black monofilament with a strengh to thickness ratio that’s blowing minds around here. It seems like just yesterday we were amazed by threads that could support a fraction of a pound without being seen. Now suddenly… we’re off the charts!

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  • Vectra Ovation – Medium Duty Stage Thread by Steve Fearson


    Looking for a replacement thread for your Dancing Cane? Some of our customers use Vectra X2 but many canes are too heavy and the last thing you want to do on stage is risk breakage because you were pushing the thread to it’s limits. Confidence on stage means knowing you are more than prepared and with Ovation you will be.

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  • Metallic Deck Set (Limited Edition) by Mechanic Industries

    Metallic Deck Set (Limited Edition) by Mechanic Industries


    This very limited edition set has been created to celebrate Mechanic Industries’ 5th birthday in 2017. We have gone all out with fully stacked tuck cases embossed and wrapped with foil inside and out. Cards have metallic Pantone inks on both the backs and faces.

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  • Jordan O’Grady Presents SNAP (Red)


    SNAP is a perfect addition to the Modern Practical Joke Range by Jordan O’Grady. It’s a gimmicked deck of cards. When your spectator cuts the cards, they explode with a loud BANG, surprising your spectator and audience! Use the SNAP deck in conjunction with your existing card routines to create a comical kicker ending that will make your audiences jump.

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  • Bretzel by Mickael Chatelain


    BRETZELS is so incredible – it allows you to LINK pretzels together! You will also be able to link a pretzel with keys, elastic bands, rings, string, or any object with a handle! Your spectators will go crazy as everything happens inches from their eyes.

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  • Poop Emoji Playing Cards


    Here’s proof that there’s a deck of playing cards for everything! Inspired by Pop culture and Emojis. The Poop Emoji Deck features a repetitive “poop emoji” back design and custom face cards that take on similar characteristics of popular emoji symbols.

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  • Visual Matrix AKA Rose Act Elegant Gold by Will Tsai and SansMinds


    Remember the shiver down your spine when you first saw The Rose Act on AGT? It was a historical moment. The elegance and impossible visual took the public world by storm, and the innovative thinking behind the magic led everybody in our community talking about it.

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  • Saqqara Mystery by Magic Wagon


    This beautiful piece of magic is based on Milson Worth’s Astro Ball Cabinet (the brilliant concept which was originally invented by Stewart James) but the nice thing about this model is that it is self-contained

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  • Brevis Magic Head Twister


    Avaiiable soon! The new creation Magic Head Twister by Igor de Kort from Brevis Magic is great. A great idea if you already have the Flying Mask Deluxe!

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  • Total Serendipity by Magic Wagon


    22 mini tarot cards of major Arcana match exactly in perfect order while they were mixed together. This beautiful board can be used for many other switches of small objects or predictions!

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  • Super Sized Silly by David Kaye


    It contains 75 lessons to make you a better kid show magician, plus 150 routines by 100 different magicians. With 150 routines, you can create 10 completely different one hour shows.

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  • Princess in a Pickle by Silly Billy


    Princess In A Pickle is the first set of headless silks that are linked to tell a complete story. Not only do you get the advantage of a great photo opportunity for the parents, but the silks tell a classic story of a princess…..

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  • Silly Wand Trick by Silly Billy


    Silly Billy’s favorite bit is to hand it to your child helper. It stretches out and everyone laughs. Do you want your audience to howl with laughter? Then Silly Wand Trick is for you!

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  • Smoke One Liquid Refill by Lukas


    This is the Liquid Refill for Smoke One. Each bottle will charge the device about 100 times, and each charge will last about 30 seconds (3 times for 10 seconds).

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  • Smoke One (Ball) by Lukas


    Lukas Crafts presents a revolutionary smoke device: “Smoke One” Smoke Ball Type

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  • Smoke Cube by João Miranda


    Claimed as the world’s smallest smoke device and includes 10 FULL routines. The grip surface allows you to do a classic palm with ease, and it can be used completely hands free with the 1 to 20 second delay feature.

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  • Clipboard Production by Climax


    Clip board Production by Magie Climax, turns your drawing into reality! You can materialize sweets, candies, other objetcs visualy after draw somthing on a paper!

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  • Off World (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JP Vallarino


    From the creative mind of JP Vallarino comes the most revolutionary version of Out of This World you will ever perform! Offworld is the first-ever Out of this World routine that can be performed entirely FACE UP!

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