Terms and Conditions

A contract is made when your order is confirmed or via the order form that you find when you shopping online. We reserve the right to refuse your order if necessary.

Article 1: name

MAGICORUM aims the provision of various services and product sales related to its field of activity. General conditions of sale apply exclusively to current and future business relations existing between the client (the buyer) and MAGICORUM (Director: Benoit L.). Contact: Rue du Bay-bonnet, 32 B -4620 Fléron (Belgium) Company n° BE0774167490 – e-mail (always preferred): info@magicorum.com

Article 2: Products

Our products are specialized in the field of illusionism and magic.

Article 3: perfection

The client expressly adheres to our terms of sale with the exception of all others, and waives his owns.

By confirming your order, you accept all these terms and conditions of sale available to you on our web site, and you acknowledge that you have received full informations. The purchase signifies acceptance of our terms of sale. This confirmation and all the data we have recorded will constitute the proof of the transaction.

Article 4: Control

Shipment of products ordered will only be completed after having been duly confirmed on the correct form or by e-mail and prepaid. We undertake to comply with the provisions of the order form accurately and to the best of our abilities.

When the customer clicks the button or link “confirm my order” at the end of the order, he is irrevocably bound, its acceptance can not be questioned.

Article 5: Price
In Belgium, prices include unless otherwise stated, the taxes (VAT) of 21% on all products and 6% on books. The shipping costs are not included. Shipping fees will be added to the total of your order. If delivery takes place outside the territory of the European Union, customs duties and formalities relating to remain the sole responsibility of the buyer. The customer then agrees to verify compliance of delivery with regard to the country of delivery.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time, but we are committed to apply the current rates that were displayed at the time of your order.

Article 6: shipping
Mailing costs generally include the Belgian VAT (21%) and are calculated according to weight and volume of products ordered. These fees vary from one country to another and can clearly see the end of the purchase in our webshop. The customer can always retract if transportation costs do not suit him before confirming the order and its payment.

Section 7: Delivery
Unless otherwise provided, the delivery is made to the address you provided when ordering.

In case where you choose to pay your order by bank/wire transfer (or swift), your order will be processed upon we receipt your payment and the times of delivery accordingly.

The way of delivery is indicated before the end of the transaction on our merchant site. It generally varies depending on the transporter’s service and is indicative only for delivery in Europe. If the product ordered is on stock, the average time generally ranges from 24 to 72 hours in Europe. The period includes the time to prepare the package and the delivery. For countries outside of Europe, if exported, the delivery time may be extended. A request by e-mail may be made prior to ordering for price transit export (Switzerland ….).

We always delivers at the delivery address specified on the purchase order or by default to the home address of the client.

Article 8: unavailability of a product
Please note that we will respond to your order while stock is available or subject to availability from our suppliers.

If a product is temporarily unavailable in our stock or to the manufacturer, the buyer would be immediately informed by e-mail or post on the new waiting period. According to his wishes, he may, if necessary, accept a new delivery date of delivery or reject it and request immediate refunding of the purchase.

Article 9: customer service
The client must inform MAGICORUM before sending a defective product. We engage us to repair or exchange the products entrusted to us as soon as possible. A period as an indication of the waiting time of return of the repaired product will be communicated to the customer. It can give rise to any compensation in case of overruns.

Article 10: Payment
Unless otherwise specified, the order price is payable on the date of the order in advance by bank transfer (IBAN-BIC) or by credit card (via PayPal). Any draft or other payment acceptance does not operate any novation or derogation from this clause.

The secure online payment by credit card is completely safe: it uses SSL. The information transmitted is encrypted by software and can not be read in transit on the network. The buyer certifies having all the necessary permissions to make the payment he chooses. As part of a payment by credit card, the payment order may be revoked in case of fraudulent use of the card in accordance with the agreement between the customer and his bank.

Any purchase by credit card or bank card is done directly on a secure site. The information on these transactions (no. credit card …) does not pass on our site and are not stored.

The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the asking price, if any, plus interest.

In case of nonpayment, Magicorum reserves the right to cancel the order by simple notice eight days after a notice by e-mail or mail remained without result, without prejudice to the indemnity and refund of any fees charged.

Article 11: Return policy
The withdrawal, exchange or return of a product purchased through our website is only avaible within 14 days after delivery (Act of May 12, 2010). The cancellation period begins upon receipt of your letter or your e-mail within 14 days after delivery.

If an agreement on the resumption of product purchased is accepted, it must be returned in the condition in which it was originally received. It may have been unwrapped and the packaging used and can not be damaged unless this was the case during shipping. The customer must return the item to his own charges and perfectly well packaged and protected if he does not wish to keep it. If the customer is not able to return the items received, in whole or in part, or only in deteriorated condition, if any, he will be required to pay them.

Article 12: Privacy policy – Protection of personal data
The data communicated may be processed by Magicorum for the purpose of customer service, communication on products and services by newsletter for those who so wish.
This processing respects the protection of personal data according to the Belgian Royal Decree of 13 February 2001 on the basis of the law of 8 December 1992, Magicorum respects the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Regulations of the European Parliament (EU) 2016/679.
The customer has the freedom to modify his personal data at any time, to update them or simply to ask us to delete his customer account on simple request by e-mail to: info@magicorum.com or by telephone: ++32 (0) 43551784.
The customer has access to his account on our online shop www.magicorum.com via the following link: https://www.magicorum.com/my-account
The customer can at any time unsubscribe from our lists and newsletters or modify his personal data.
We do our utmost to process personal data internally.
Unlike other commercial companies, we never exchange your data with other subcontractors to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality in the processing of customer data. In other words, they are never sold to third parties or exchanged with our suppliers.

No sensitive or personal data is ever collected by our company Magicorum.
We are committed to always respecting our customers’ communication preferences.
The data can be collected if they are necessary for the establishment of a contract, linked to a legal obligation, it represents a legitimate interest or if the customer expressly agrees.
We secure our customers’ data. In accordance with the GDPR, personal data are stored and processed by Magicorum on servers located exclusively on the territory of the European Union and are not transferred outside the European Union.
Magicorum undertakes to ensure the security and protection of the client’s personal data in order to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorised third parties.
The strictest confidentiality and security in the process of processing, storing and safeguarding the customer’s personal data, in accordance with the rules of the art, in strict compliance with the GDPR and in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.
In accordance with art.33.2 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, Magicorum undertakes to inform the client without delay of any violation of personal data (unauthorised access, unauthorised copying, corruption of personal data files, etc.) of which he has knowledge, it being the responsibility of the client to inform the supervisory authority on which he depends, and when this violation “is likely to create a high risk for the rights and freedoms”, of the persons concerned.

Article 13: defects and latent defects
Any defects or hidden defects found within 6 months after delivery of a product is presumed to exist at the time of delivery of the goods (section 1641 to 1649 of the Belgian Civil Code). After this period, the customer will be required to prove that non-compliance existed when the goods were delivered. In case of non-conformity of goods, the customer must inform MAGICORUM by writing within a period of two months and one day after the day of delivery. The customer must provide proof of the existence of a fault affecting the use of the product. The wear of a product does not represent a lack of conformity because it is not at present upon delivery of the property.

The mere fact of the complaint, the customer may not issue its duty payment. No product may be returned without prior written permission from MAGICORUM.

We may, at our option, remove the defected part or replace it with another. If we do not rectify the defect or replace the defective goods, or if we are unable to do so, or if we can not do it in time because of elements that do not depend on our will or fellowing the facts, you can, optionally, send it for refunding.

Article 14: duration of the warranty
Our guarantee complies with the legal guarantees (Belgian Monitor 09/21/2004) and is two years from the date of receipt of the product ordered.

All products have a warranty that includes defects, malfunctioning parts, gimmicks and unreadable DVDs.
This warranty EXCLUDES: warranty does not cover problems or damages resulting from accident, abuse, any unauthorized repair, modification, disassembly, inappropriate use, falls, neglect resulting of misuse, theft or loss of items in all or part of the product initialy delivered complete. If there is any problems on the product, a part of it or with a gimmick, it must be sent to us as soon as possible within a period of two months and one day after delivery since the date of purchase with a copy of the invoice of sale dated.
Upon receiving the product, it will be fully evaluated, to determine if it is under the warranty terms. If we find that it meets the terms of the warranty, we will replace and ship it back within the shortest possible time depending on the state of our stock at the time of receipt of the defective product. The warranty is limited in any case of the replacement of the product, and if it is not possible to replace it or refund the price paid. Anyway MAGICORUM responsibility is limited to the invoice value of the goods delivered (without shipping cost). In case of refunding, MAGICORUM may consider the advantaged of using the product that the customer has enjoyed since its deliverance.

Please note: For reasons of hygiene, we do not refund magic items used in contact with a part of the body: in the ears, in mouth, or on the skin. If you want a refunding, you must send us the magic item not used and in its original packaging and condition.

Article 15: Liability
The products are in conformity to the Belgian legislation. We accept no liability in the event that the delivered product does not respect the legislation of the country of delivery.

Similarly, our liability can not be upheld because the content of sites who contains Hypertext links from our site.

We are committed to provide all the care used in the profession for the implementation of customer services. However, our liability will not be retained in case of breach of our contractual obligations because of a fortuitous event or force majeure such as, without limitation, natural disasters, strikes, fires, floods, failure or breakdown of equipment, transportation, communication, or because of your actions.

Furthermore, our liability will not be liable for any delays caused by out of stock at the publisher, the supplier or manufacturer nor for any mistakes in the presentation of products on our site, photographs, text and illustrations representative products are not contractual.

MAGICORUM strives to maintain the information and data to date with less mistakes possible. However the author of these pages is not responsible for updating, or accuracy, nor completeness and quality of information provided, and neither for its own pages, or for hyperlinks.

Any claim against magicorum.com and / or its director and staff due to material or immaterial damages, which would have occurred following the use or non-use of information, specifically the consequence of the use of erroneous information and / or incomplete, is excluded. Offers and content of all pages of the site magicorum.com are not binding and without liability. All product information is extracted from the official data from manufacturers and / or suppliers.

We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and quality of these instructions. MAGICORUM reserves the right without notice to modify, supplement, delete all or part of bids, information, or to cease publication either temporarily or permanently.

Article 16: copyright infringement and intellectual property
All content MAGICORUM site is the exclusive property of its director and / or their respective authors. All rights of reproduction and distribution reserved. Logos, images and marks relating to other persons or entities, products and scripts used or mentioned on the site “MAGICORUM” are the respective property of its author. To obtain rights to use the site’s content “MAGICORUM”, please contact us by e-mail to info@magicorum.com.

The user, by accessing this site agrees to the following:

The user has a right to private, non-collective and non-exclusive content on the site. It allows to reproduce for storage for display on a single and reproduction in a single copy for backup on all types of media or printout.

Any networking, redistribution in any form, even partial, is strictly prohibited. This right is personal and is reserved for the exclusive use and not a group of users. It is not transferable in any way. Any other use requires prior express authorization of the Director.

It is strictly forbidden to use our internet domain names, business name or proper name of the respective authors or in publications, citations, heading tags (title) associated with a website it is customary private or commercial texts for this purpose and not private.

This website is the property of their posters and all its elements are placed under the protection of the laws of the Belgian piracy and intellectual rights and punishment of counterfeiting (Act of May 15, 2007 published in the Belgian Official Gazette on July 18 , 2007).

Counterfeiting is now considered as a true intellectual property theft, misappropriation of intellectual and financial investments made to the design and development of intellectual creations. Belgian law provides for imprisonment of three months to three years and a fine of 100 to 100,000 euros (multiply by the surcharge included, or 550,000 Euros), or one of these penalties, infringements with a malicious or fraudulent intent rights of the owner of a trademark, a patent, a supplementary protection certificate, a breeder’s right, a drawing or model.

Violation of its provisions subjects the offender and all responsible persons to criminal and civil penalties provided by law.

Article 17: Jurisdiction
Any conflict concerning the conclusion, validity, interpretation or execution of the contract will be settled according to Belgian law and belong unless waived by us to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Liege.

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