Bubble Puzzle



z0An unusual Magic/Puzzle effect from Germany. The performer displays a glass tube sealed at both ends and divided into three sections. At one end is an air bubble. By tilting the tube the bubble can be made to travel from one section to the other until it goes to the far end of the tube.

The object is to begin with the bubble at one end, place the glass tube on the table under cover of a hank and have the bubble end up in the middle section. This must be done while the tube is hidden under the hank and the performer can not see the tube. The performer is able to perform this miracle but as hard as the spectator tries he can not duplicate the feat in the few seconds the performer can. Most can not do it at all.


The tube is not exchanged and the effect takes but a second or two. The performer will be able to do it but no one else can. Nothing is added or taken away; self contained.

The glass tube measures 3″ long x 3/8″ diameter.

Our comment

Comes with complete instructions. Beautifully hand-blown glass with colored liquid inside and that mysterious bubble.

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Weight 0.50 kg

An unusual Magic/Puzzle effect from Germany where the performer is able to make travel a air bubble in a sealed glass tube. A pocket miracle !


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