Smoke Poodle Deluxe – Professional small smoke system by Brevis Magic

Smoke Poodle Deluxe – professionnal smoke machine by Brevis Magic



This Smoke Poodle Set comes exactly as described. The control unit of this version (version 212) has a LED indicator that shows you with a little light if the Remote Control is switched on. (see picture) Very useful. You can see at a glance if the RC is switched on or off. It helps you not to forget to switch off the RC and spoil your battery power after using, Finally there is a small professional smoke device for magicians and photographers with a big capacity and 100% reliability! You can control the Smoke Poodle manually/ by Remote Control or by external control (e.g. the Brevis Magic Ghostcase Premium-Smoke/ foot pedal). It is small enough to fit in your sleeve (suitable for many magic effects), but still has enough capacity to work the whole day without charging and reloading. No preheating time, no more refilling of a few smoke fluid drops each time, no more recharging your device after 5x using! This is what we all were waiting for!

This is why the Spoke Poodle is so perfect for professional use:

  • The Smoke Poodle is always ready to be used; no pre-heating required, no few drops, long battery capacity
  • Lots of very visual smoke, each time you use it
  • The Smoke Poodle Coil&Container allows you more than 300 smoke puffs, before changing or refilling.
  • The Smoke Poodle Coil&Container can be refilled easily and quickly.
  • The battery pack can power more than 10.000 seconds of smoke
  • You don’t need to put the Smoke Poodle on the charger and wait before to be able to use it again; the battery pack can simply be removed and recharged or can be
  • replaced by a charged one so that the Smoke Poodle can be used without intermission.
  • The Smoke Poodle and control unit are small, fit in many small objects, and are easy to hide and take with you.
  • The control unit allows different ways of controlling your Smoke Poodle (manual, by RC, by an external device like ghostcase or foot pedal)
  • The RC allows a distance of more than 10 meters, different RC’s can be connected
  • The modular design lets you adapt the smoke system to be used in lots of different places and settings. (distance of the Smoke Poodle – Controler – external controller can be variated easily)
  • Strong professional quality.

What do you get?

apart from the basic Smoke Poodle System:

  • Smoke Poodle
  • Smoke Poodle control unit (manual + RC (433.092 Mhz) + socket for external control)
  • including rechargeable battery pack
  • including USB charge cable
  • including a small RC button
  • including starting smoke fluid for 300 x
  • including instructions
  • extra 2 x 10 ml bottles Smoke Poodle fluid (good for 3000 smoke puffs)
  • extra coil & reservoir and silicone tube
  • power cable extension cord (0,5 m/ 1m)
  • Smoke Poodle clip
  • flexible velcro magicians bracelet for in sleeve to attach the Spoke Poodle clip
  • spare rechargeable battery pack
  • luxurious storage bag (21 x 17 x 6 cm)


  • food pedal (to be connected to the control unit)
  • RC bracelet button (works together with the RC receiver in the Smoke Poodle control unit)
  • Programming service: Connect extra RC senders (433.092 Mhz) to the control unit
  • extra Smoke Poodle fluid (bottle 10 ml good for 1250 x smoke)
  • spare coil&reservoir for Smoke Poodle
  • extension power cable 0,5 m
  • extension power cable 1 m
  • external control cable 20 (20 cm)
  • automatic Ghostcase Premium-Smoke (with control program and connection to the Smoke Poodle Control Unit)
  • mini spotlight for in your case to light up the smoke
  • silicone tube 1 m

Ideal for magicians, theatre-makers, cosplayers, photographers, Halloween effects.


Additional information

Weight 076 kg
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 6 cm


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Smoke Poodle Deluxe – professionnal smoke machine by Brevis Magic


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