Fearson’s Free Energy System 2.0

Energize yourself or another object! Perform telekinesis! Make cell phones to activate and more with Fearson’s Free Energy System!


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New design, improved performance and LOWER price!

From the most powerful mind in magic.  Magical power at your fingertips!

Energize yourself or another object!  Perform telekinesis!  Make cell phones to activate and more with Fearson’s Free Energy System! The race for a source of safe, clean energy is over.  Steve Fearson’s Free Energy System allows you to become the electric superhero new age guru you’ve always wanted to be!

Just wait until you see the reactions you get when they actually… FEEL YOUR POWER!

Picture this… You show both hands clearly empty, sleeves pulled back. You ask a anyone to place on hand on your chest over your heart and extend one finger of their other hand towards you.  You extend your finger towards theirs and as your bare fingertip touches theirs, “completing the circuit”… They FEEL the power coursing through your body! It does not hurt or cause any upset to the spectator. 

The sensation It is subtle, mysterious and undeniably magical!


Remember… Your sleeves are pulled back, no wiring or connections hidden up the arms and nothing under your clothing.  This is diabolical, you could be strip searched and they won’t find it!

Obviously the item will be of tremendous value to any magician, psychic or anyone who performs energy demonstrations.Being able to give the impression that you possess some sort of power that can manifest itself physically, a power they can actually FEEL elevates you in the minds of those around you in ways that words can not describe.  You need to experience it for yourself. 

This could be that extra something that pushes the suspension of disbelief past the tipping point in the minds of those you perform for.Now You Can Make Anyone A Believer!


  •     Hands are clearly displayed empty
  •     Can be done in short sleeves
  •     100% Safe electronic device

Several presentation ideas are included, among them are: ENERGY HANDS This one is for the most HARD-CORE SKEPTIC you can find.  We’ve all seen psychics on tv that can zap their followers with just a wave of the hand but when they try it on the local news reporter their mojo seems to fizzle.  Not anymore!

Imagine taking the most hard-core skeptic from the audience, a true non-believer.  You ask them to extend their open palm and you place your hands several inches above and below theirs.  You focus your energies for a moment and ask them if they felt the energy you are sending. To their amazement as well as that of the audience, they say YES!  You press them further, “Did it feel like heat?”  They say no, it was more like a vibration of energy.  And they’re NOT A STOOGE.  They really do feel it!

If you are a mentalist, energy worker, demonstrate Tai Chi or do any type of psychic or mentalism demonstration where you would like someone to actually FEEL the power emanating from your hands, Fearson’s Free Energy System can help.  When your hands are empty, your sleeves are rolled WAY back and the town skeptic says he felt it… well now we’re cooking with gas my friends.  But that’s not all Fearson’s Free Energy System can do…

In this “New Age” presentation you charge a quartz crystal with power from your hands.  You do this by rubbing it and compressing it between your fingertips for it over a short period as you explain what you believe makes this possible in scientific terms.  As you patter about the piezoelectric generators and the like, your audience begins to wonder if you just might be serious.When you hand it to them and they actually FEEL residual vibratory energy in the crystal they will have no doubt!

The quartz crystal is absolutely ordinary and could even be given away as a souvenir.  Many other objects can be charged as well, like a Sharpie Marker, coin, piece of silverware or jewelry.  The presentation ideas are endless, you’ll have to resist the urge to charge everything in sight!

GHOST CALLER Cause someone’s cell phone to activate.  You don’t even have to be touching it.  Although this makes for a great gag and you’ll have fun using it as such, it can be devastating when used in the context of a larger routine or psychic reading.  If you’re trying to contact the dead, a ghost call might be just what the doctor ordered.

  •     No complex setup.  Just grab it and go!
  •     No special conditions or clothing required.
  •     Safe method will not harm sensitive electronics.

We’re talking no pulls, cords, straps, or lumps under your clothing.  You don’t need to be grounded.  Humidity is not a concern.  The battery lasts a very long time, is very common and can be easily replaced.  This is a real worker and we guarantee it’s going to be the thing you have the most fun with, straight out of the box.

SO HOW DOES IT DO IT? Without giving away the method completely we will say that it does not involve shocking your spectator. 

Steve Fearson has developed a way to transfer energy from your hands to the spectator without any danger of “zapping” or otherwise hurting them.  The spectator feels only a gentle but surprising pulse of energy and is never exposed to dangerous current. 

With proper handling the sensation can appear to travel quite far.  The gimmick is completely under your control at all times.  You are able to get the shocking reactions you want, without having to actually shock them… or yourself. 

This device also will not cause headaches or illness since the current doesn’t have to travel through your entire body.  We can guarantee without a doubt, this method is 100% SAFE for both you and your spectator. 

This item is assembled in small quantities in the USA and is meant to last a lifetime.

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Energize yourself or another object! Perform telekinesis! Make cell phones to activate and more with Fearson’s Free Energy System!


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