Efficient and Highly visual coin magic from Belgium





Out in June 2012 – 100% Belgian! Discover, through this double DVD (in English), the creative magic of two young Belgians magicians, Philippe Bougard and Clement Kerstenne. No, this is not what you think! The title has been sensured by some criticism in the middle of the magic is pure provocation of these two fellows capable of producing visual coins effects very effectives! Highly recommended.


  • Sweet street : Appearance and disappearance of three pieces from the particularities of a hoodie.
  • Three fast : Complete disappearance of 3 rooms extremely clean.
  • Bic: serie of effects with a pen and a coin.
  • Rubbercoins: An original routine with a Chinese coin and a rubber band.
  • Oil and Water: A classic of cards magic with coins.
  • Corner three: Travel with 3 coins from one hand to another.
  • Reflection Corner: A remarkable routine mixing coins and mirror.
  • Crazy C / S: Copper/silver with 3 coins.
  • Daily matrix: Matrix using everyday items.
  • $: Surprise.
  • Les amants (lovers): Routine with supposedly magnetized parts.
  • Special Travel: A change of 4 coins in the spectator hands.
  • Soudbock: serie of effects with 1 coin and 1 soudbock.
  • GSM: Astonishing one coin routine.
  • Travelo: Four signed coins travel in the hands of the psectator.
  • Matrix manchot: A one hand shadow coin!

+ 2 special routines and 23 techniques.

Watch the trailer:

Clip 1: Matrix manchot

Clip 2: Bic

Clip 3: coin three

Clip 4: Daily Matrix


  • 18 Routines
  • 23 Techniques
  • 2 special routines
  • 2 Making of
  • 2 bonus
  • 2 DVD

Our comments

Visual and effective coins routines for all magicians. A provocative title but one that will talk about it much longer.

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Efficient and Highly visual coin magic from Belgium


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