Refill for Animinimals (100 per Pack) by Billy Damon

Refill for Animinimals

bag of 100 Animinimals


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Have you noticed the look on spectators’ faces when you perform Animinimals? Delight. Amazement. Surprise. Now you can afford to make that feeling last because you can give away your Animinimal each time your perform that magical “Balloon to Animal” transformation.

Get a bag of 100 Animinimals. These are magical giveaways that will pay for themselves in tips you’ll get.

You get a random assortment of the seven different Animinimals in six different colors. If you’ve been enjoying transforming balloons into these “smallest balloon animals in the world,” order a bag of 100, and add these to your magical souvenirs that you share with your spectators.

Note: This product does not include instructions.

WARNING: Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years old.

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bag of 100 Animinimals


Out of stock

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