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The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet. The is a wallet like no other. The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet is the first wallet to offer a simultaneous multi-peek feature.


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The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet. The is a wallet like no other.

The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet is the first wallet to offer a simultaneous multi-peek feature. For the first time with a wallet you can instantly peek four separate pieces of information written on four separate business cards inserted into four separate places in the wallet. Of course you can still do a single peek routine but now the possibilities for routines have exploded.

This is not all that the wallet can do however.

As well as the “Fourseen” feature the wallet also has:

A palmed card/billet to wallet. This card to wallet feature is secured behind a clear plastic sleeve which is in turn secured by a flap fastened by a button popper fastener.

Built into this sleeve is a feature that allows for the card to be inserted into an envelope for an extra layer of impossibility.

Included with the wallet is a bonus business card holder that fits perfectly inside the wallet. This business card holder is also gimmicked in the following ways:

Mullica Wallet feature.

Secret peek window

Secret Swarmi nail writer window, which makes nail writing a breeze as the card is held securely in place while the wallet itself gives you plenty of cover.


/files/Marvelous FX/Fourseen Wallet/fourseenwallet-video1.mp4

When the two wallets combine they allow for routines never even imagined with a wallet before including instantly stealing out a card/business card from one wallet and with no sleights, palming or funny moves, loading it directly into an envelope sealed inside a fastened sleeve inside a separate wallet. The possibilities for this (which I call the Reverse Mullica Move) could change wallet magic forever.

The wallet itself can also be used as a regular wallet. It has plenty of room for notes, credit cards, business cards. You could even pop in one or two packet tricks.

Included with the two DVDs is full instructions on how to use the wallet plus twenty routines you can perform with the wallet.

The wallet is suitable for all skill levels. The routines included range from simple Ambitious Card routines with a card to wallet ending (palm and no palm versions) to complex four way cold-reading routines and more technical sleight of hand effects making full use of the incredible potential this wallet has.


The routines included are:

Raw Ambition

A basic ambitious card routine with card to wallet ending. This is for a beginner in card magic. This is just to get newcomers started working with the wallet immediately.

Riding Out

The Joe Riding “Think a Card” routine with a card to wallet “out”.


A unique twist on the Any Card At Any Number plot. One person thinks of a number and writes it down. Another person thinks of a card and writes it down. They never say them out loud until the end. A fastened pocket is opened in the wallet to reveal a sealed envelope. Inside this envelope is a card. It is the card thought of by the spectator. The card is turned over to reveal that a number has been written on the back of the card. It matches the number thought of by the second spectator.

Twin Peeks (similar to ANAAC).

Two people are asked to think of a card to see if there is any synchronicity between them. They write down the card. When they are shown they do not match (probably). A sealed envelope is removed from the wallet. Inside the envelope is a card. It matches one of the choices. On the back of the card is written the name of a different card. It matches the second spectators choice.

Think of Dog

The spectator is made to think of the name of their pet my means of a very powerful psychological force. The word is then revealed along with a “warm” reading about the pet. This is a very powerful and personal routine and is the one that gets more reaction than anything else in my working repertoire.

Drawn fourward

Four drawings are peeked and revealed

Double or Nothin’.

A great gambling routine that makes use of the Mullica feature of the wallet.

My Favorite Card Trick (Trade show trick)

This is the effect I use at every tradeshow I have ever been booked at. It generates great foot flow to the stand and helps you (and your client) to keep track of exactly how good a job you are doing for them. Guarantees results and repeat bookings. Also included are tips on how to sell your services to the client. This trick is worth the whole cost of the wallet.

Kollosal Prediction

Four people are asked to write down a number they guess the magician is thinking of. A prediction shows that they were all wrong but in a very baffling way.

Full Circle

The magician talks about how simple shapes and symbols are but also how they can stimulate very complex ideas, thoughts and emotions. The business card has a circle printed at the bottom of it. This can symbolize anything…a football, a smiley face, a golf ball, a clock…pentagram…..lots of different things. The spectator can now fill in the circle with whatever they like that means something to them personally…. The name of a football team, the time on a clock, a happy face etc etc.

The magician then gives a cold reading based on what they have done (up to four people).

Poker Faced Peek

Draw a circle on the business card. The person then puts a smiley, sad, puzzled, etc expression on the circle to make a face. They have to keep a straight face whilst you stare at them and do a face reading…..small twitches in their face muscles tell you everything you need to know. then you break into the face they are thinking of. (or just draw it). A cue sheet of smiley faces is included with the DVD.

Smiley Stooge

As with poker faced peek you peek the smiley symbol then pull the face to a different spectator as a visual cue for them to draw.

Clocking Off

The spectator fills in the circle with the hands of a clock. A watch that has been on the side the whole time is turned over to show the matching time. This is done using a gimmicked watch. Conversely you can simply turn the watch face yourself.

Derren’s Whisper

A spectator writes down a word and it is placed aside. Another spectator is given an envelope with written instruciotns on how to read minds sealed inside. The second spectator looks at this and can immediately read the first spectators mind.

Squeek to Jermay

Same as “Derrens Whisper” but using the finger to nose with squeeker gag as the “moment” the idea/word pops into their head. Like Luke Jermay.


The ultimate peek effect. One person draws a shape/symbol one a favorite food, one a favorite place, one a word that means something to them (think of a dog routine). Each is revealed with a short cold-reading.

Association Whispers

The first person writes a word and shows it to the second person. The second person then writes a word linked with the first persons word and shows it to the third person etc until the forth person has a word. This word is said aloud. The magician then works his way backwards revealing each persons word.

Chinese Fish Trumps

Like association whispers but instead of word association it is using the last word as the first part of the next word. EG. Spectator thinks of the word “fish” next person thinks “tank” (fisk-tank), next person thinks “top” (tank-top), final person thinks “trumps” (top trumps) hence the word FISHTRUMPS.

Card Clone

Credit Card fraud is now so bad that pin numbers are created by four different people and sent individually. Four people write a one digit number and then shuffle them. You not only get the numbers but also the correct order.

With kicker ending of carbon printed number inside envelope (like the bank send you). This is done when trying to guess the number by writing it down (you get it wrong) and instead write the carbon thing. This is made from a glued up envelope with carbon glued onto it and a see through plastic window.

Two Cards to Wallet

Does what it says on the tin. One in Mullica, one in sleeve.

Bonus performance only footage of Marvelous matthew wright’s Late Night Mental Bar Set.

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The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet. The is a wallet like no other. The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet is the first wallet to offer a simultaneous multi-peek feature.


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