Magic Duck Fishing © (battery operated) by Mister Jack




A good way to create a magical fairground atmosphere in your shows with the Magic Duck fFshing ©, a 100% Mister Jack Miracles creation !
A visual and playful mentalism within the reach of children! There are very few mentalism effects adapted for children in the world of magic, this one is an exception!


From a very young age, who has never been duck fishing, the great classic of any good fair.

To put oneself totally in the funfair atmosphere, ducks of several colors turn on a tray simulating water.
The children fish the ducks one by one with their fishing rods.
A prediction is in a box is placed in evidence and clearly visible from the beginning on the table.
The Magician will be able to predict in a small box the color of the last duck that will remain on the tray.
If you perform stage or Parlor magic for children, this wonderful magic rick is for you!


  • This magic trick will amuse the children, drive them crazy, they will want to do it and do it again right away.
  • That’s good because it’s possible with 4 different outings. Automatic magic effect without forcing.
  • Professional finish made by Mister Jack
  • Easy to set up, take down in a jiffy and carry everywhere.
  • This trick can be presented from all sides.
  • Concept & model registered by Mister Jack: # DEP637372360185491931
  • Certificate of authenticity provided with purchase.


  • 1 turntable with batteries (included) – dimensions: 35cm (13,78 inches) diameter and 8cm (3,15 inches) high.
  • One 2-speed motor, forward and reverse, non disengageable.
  • Decorated with a bottom that reminds the design of a swimming pool.
  • 2 beautiful gimmicked wooden fishing rods
  • 16 ducks for fishing with gimmick duck and 4 for prediction
  • 1 box for prediction

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Weight 3 kg


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